Support of Small and Medium-Sized Business

The Initiative Of PJSC Tatneft On Supporting Small And Medium-Sized Business

PJSC TATNEFT has initiated the mutually beneficial cooperation with interested parties on the issue of supporting small and medium-sized businesses. The main forms of such cooperation are the creation of promising new entities for production of goods and services based on released capacities of PJSC TATNEFT. In these forms the Company sees a real prospect for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the region and it is prepared to provide this opportunity to interested parties by means of leasing or selling of released production facilities.

Today, in the region, there are all necessary conditions for the development of small and medium-sized business: a well developed network of banking services; operating leasing and consulting companies; increasing solvency of the population. The idea of an entrepreneur is a missing link in this environment. Fresh and well thought out ideas for the development of new production facilities and service rendering mean a real perspective for the initiative entrepreneurs.

In 2004, PJSC TATNEFT approved a “Special corporate project to support development of small and medium-sized businesses”. The objectives of the project pursue the task of increasing business activity in the south-eastern part of Tatarstan, new jobs creation and ensuring social stability in the region of the Company's activity.

In the framework of this project PJSC TATNEFT and the Agency for Private Business Development of the Republic of Tatarstan as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry have concluded an agreement on cooperation and established a coordinating council.