Trade Union Organization

The inter-regional Trade Union Organization of PJSC TATNEFT counts 136 874 union members, including 86 087 employees and 45 559 non-working pensioners, 33 246 of AGNI, APT, LNT and BMT, as well as 5,597 persons of working youth. The primary united trade union organizations in the amount of 149 entities perform their work in structural divisions, service management companies and subsidiaries located in Tatarstan and beyond its limits, as well as 4 entities are formed by the students of AGNI, APT, LNT and BMT

The qualitative composition of the trade union activists, numbering 11 768 persons, includes: 153 chairmen of primary trade union organizations, 474 chairmen of workshop trade union committees, 2 509 trade union group organizers, in 1 144 members of the trade union committees, 1 883 members of all commissions of the trade union committees and the 354 members of the audit commissions of the primary union organizations, 2 503 members of the workshop trade-union committees and the more than 2 329 trade union authorized labor safety officers.

Basic principles of the Company’s activity presume recognition and observance of human rights. The Company complies with all of the rights of workers at work, established by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Russian legislation. The Company respects the right of workers to freedom of association and collective bargaining. This right is implemented through the participation of workers in the trade union activities and in the formulation of the Collective Agreement

Opinion polls are carried out among the workers on a regular basis in order to determine the satisfaction degree of the trade union organization members with labor organization and safety arrangements, quality of the trade union committees’ work. Legal advice sessions are conducted. There is a "hotline" in operation at the Trade Union Committee, where each member of the union can call and voice the problem faced. There is reception on personal matters of the trade union members organized at primary trade union organizations.

Collective Labor Agreement

The basis for cooperation is a collective agreement, which is adopted annually and covers all employees of the Company. Every employee has the right and opportunity to participate in the formulation of the Collective Agreement, by sending its proposals to the Trade Union Organization. The Conciliation Commission composed of representatives of the PJSC TATNEFT’s management and the Trade Union Committee’s representatives shall consider each proposal. The Union representatives are involved in reviewing of all social and labor issues relevant for employees ranging from structural reform to changes in wages and working time organization.

Key Areas of Work:

Commission for Social and Economic Protection of the trade union members composed of 10 members of the trade union. It provides for detection and timely solution of urgent problems of the trade union members, making proposals to the Conciliation Commission the Company to improve the social protection of employees, control the execution of the Collective Agreement provisions, inform on the activities of the Trade Union Committee. The Conciliation Commission for the formulation of the Collective Agreement draft is created on a parity basis each year containing 12 members of the Commission from the administration and the same number of the trade union representatives.

Legal Protection Commission - The Commission shall verify compliance with labor legislation on the part of the Company’s administrative bodies with regard to the issues of concluding, changing and terminating employment contracts with employees; working time and rest periods; labor remuneration; guarantees and compensations; labor discipline, participation in the trade union committees on the matters of adopting local regulations. Competent work on prevention of the labor law offenses, performed by the Trade Union Committee, the union committees of organizations together with employer organizations allows preventing labor disputes at enterprises.

The information resulting from audits performed by employers, trade union committees of the primary trade union organizations is provided on removing the revealed violations. Partially the issues of compliance with labor laws by employers are considered at meetings of the Trade Union Committee with invitation of responsible person.

Labor Protection Commission - public monitoring of abidance with prevailing legislation in the area of labor protection at the enterprises is carried out by the occupational safety and health committee headed by V.G. Fadeev - Head of crude oil production processes maintenance Department, the main technical labor inspector of the Trade Union and the authorized labor protection union officer. In order to protect the rights of workers injured at work, and their families, PJSC TATNEFT trade union chief technical inspector of labor is involved in the investigation of accidents at work, as well as in the commissions established in various areas in the inspections.

Mass Organization Commission - there are 149 primary trade union organizations consolidated by the Company’s Trade Union Organization operating at enterprises of the TATNEFT Group of Companies in the Republic of Tatarstan and other constituents of the Russian Federation from the trade-union cells to the primary trade union organizations.

Culture, Sports and Health Improvement Commission operates on a year-round basis for the organization of cultural, sports and recreation activities, the funds for which are allocated by the joint decision. In accordance with the work plan the Commission conducts various activities, supervises the status of work union organizations, as well as spending of the funds allocated for this purpose.
Without any doubt notable events are certainly Spartakiads held by administration bodies and the trade union committees of enterprises, which winners participate in the traditional Games of PJSC TATNEFT in 11 kinds of sports. The Trade Union Committee works closely with the "Rukhiyat" Fund in the organization and holding of the "Country of the warbling nightingale" festival for children.

An annual festival of brass bands of the Republic’s cities and towns organized by the Trade Union Committee at the city’s park is very popular among the residents.

Housing and Public Services Commission - the Trade Union of PJSC TATNEFT and chairmen of the primary trade union committees are actively involved in the work on the development and implementation of the Company’s housing policy. Based on signals of the Union members the members of the Housing Commission go out and visit the residence places of workers and pensioners, get acquainted with the living conditions and, if necessary, send a request to heads of enterprises, ensuring the provision of necessary assistance.

Public Catering Control Commission - the Commission organizes regular checks on the quality of bottled drinking water delivered to job sites. Together with the administration bodies and the Trade Union Committee Chairmen the Commission constantly monitors the quality of food and service at workplace canteens, in the drilling crews’ food service stations, as well as at the locations of the well remedial servicing and workover crews. Deficiencies identified are eliminated on the spot and in a timely manner.

Commission on Working with Young Persons - the youth policy pursued by the administration and the Company’s Trade Union Committee motivate young workers to unionization.

The work with young members of the Union is carried out by the Trade Union Commission, the Company’s Youth Committee and commissions at the primary trade union organizations.

Each chairman of the Youth Committee is a member of the Trade Union - Chairman of the Trade Union Committee. They participate in the formulating the package of proposals to the Conciliation Committee on the development of the Collective Agreement, participate in commissions on distribution of loans for the young and the apartments under the social mortgage, as well as in organizing cultural events.

Commission on Working with Great Patriotic war and Labor veterans - the Company provides a quarterly financial support the pensioners of the Company in addition to the state pension. Administrative bodies of the enterprises render material assistance to anniversary dates, the International Women's Day, the Day of elderly people, Day of people with disabilities, as well as payment for funeral services. PJSC TATNEFT annually allocates funds to for the organization of the culture-into-masses work, sports and recreation activities with the veterans, which are on a regular basis arranged, in accordance with the approved plan, by the Trade Union Committee of PJSC TATNEFT jointly with the Veterans’ Councils of enterprises.