Socially Responsible Participation in Public Life

Socially Responsible Participation in Public Life

Infracstructure Development Of Towns And Townships

Divisions of PJSC TATNEFT are township forming enterprises in the majority of the inhabited areas of the Company's activities.

Following the principles of corporate social responsibility, the Company jointly with municipal authorities implements projects for development of towns and townships of the activity regions, participating in construction of socially important facilities.

Development Of Mass Sport And Promotion Of Of Healthy Lifestyle

In the framework of the program of mass sports and healthy lifestyle development the Company:

  • supports and promotes ice hockey, tennis, boxing, wrestling, volleyball, figure skating and other kinds of sports;
  • builds sports and recreation facilities;
  • organizes sports competitions;
  • actively promotes healthy lifestyle among the employees and residents of the regions of its operation;
  • pays for the work of coaches and technical staff;
  • provides funding for sports facilities equipment and sportsmen outfit.

Development Of Children And Youth Ice Hockey

Since 2000 the Company has been implementing a comprehensive program for development of children's and youth hockey in the south-east of the Republic of Tatarstan.

In the framework of this program the Company finances construction of ice palaces, reconstruction, construction and maintenance of courts for the young hockey players of the Company's activity region, allocates funds to purchase outfit for teenage hockey club players, as well as to pay for the work of the coaches. The Company arranges tournaments for the prizes of PJSC TATNEFT and also allocates funds for holding regional competitions for the Cup of PJSC TATNEFT.

Education Support

The Company closely cooperates with educational institutions, paying special attention to training young professionals. PJSC TATNEFT develops training centers, opens basic departments in educational institutions. PJSC TATNEFT attaches particular importance to training specialists at the Almetyevsk State Petroleum Institute (AGNI) with the majority of graduates coming to work for the Company. Seenior experts of PJSC TATNEFT participate in the state certification examination commissions on the defence of diploma projects.

In the framework of the education support program the Company renders assistance to general education schools of the activity regions allocating funds for their reconstruction, repair and improvement of their material and technical base.

The Company pays great attention to strengthening the educational and material base of the Almetyevsk polytechnic and Leninogorsk technical oil colleges training mid-level profrssionals for the oil companies.

For the purpose of supporting gifted children and teenagers living in the south-east of Tatarstan the Company established a ”Talented Children” charitable Fund in 2004. The Fund encourages students for achievements in the educational activities financing participation of students in the regional, republican, nationwide and international conferences, providing grants to implement research and creative projects and providing support to the teachers, whose students demonstrate high results.

Culture Support

The Company makes a significant contribution to the preservation and promotion of national culture. PJSC TATNEFT provides financing for the activity of the Rukhiyat Spiritual Revival Fund established in 1997. The activities of the Fund include organization of regional children's art creativity festivals, arrangement of literature and art contests, identification of young talents and promotion of their creative growth, publication of books. The Company invests money to improve the material/technical basis of theaters and palaces of culture, renders assistance to creative groups, taking part in cultural events in the regions of activity. The Company has instituted a literary prize named after the poetess Sazhida Suleymanova to encourage writers and poets of the Republic of Tatarstan, achieving success in the area of literary creativity. In the framework of this literary prize beginning poets and writers from the students studying at educational institutions of the oil region are awarded individual scholarships.

Spiritual Revival

The Company pays great attention to the spiritual rebirth of the inhabitants of the Company's regions of activity, providing financial assistance in construction and renovation of mosques, temples, churches.

Health Care Support

Each year the Company finances construction, repair, strengthening the material base as well as supply of advanced medical equipment to the health care institutions in the regions of its operation. Medical personnel with the support of PJSC TATNEFT have training, skills development and advanced training in the best clinics of Russia and abroad.

The Company has provided funds to construct a surgical complex in the city of Almetyevsk. The new complex is equipped with unique medical and engineering equipment that allows performing high-tech operations.

Protection Of Motherhood And Childhood

The Company has 13 children's health improving camps in which all the conditions for full recreation of children have been arranged. The resort and spa recreation and treatment is annually arranged for the employees together with their children.

The Company has been active with its target-oriented efforts to improve the social climate of pre-school educational institutions. Each year funds are allocated for construction, renovation and equipping of kindergartens.

Social Aid To Populaion Groups Needing Support

PJSC TATNEFT considers assistance to the most vulnerable groups of the population to be one of the priorities. The support program provides for implementation of measures targeted assistance to the inmates of orphanages, boarding schools and correctional schools, as well as to organizations of veterans and the disabled people, low-income families and other socially vulnerable groups. ”Molosediye” (Mercy) charitable fund has been established for this purpose.

Caring For The Health Of The Company's Employees And Residents Of The Region

Large scale native land conservation programs and special social projects of the Joint-Stock TATNEFT Company aim at maintaining favorable environment and improving the health of the employees.

There are 11 prophylactic health improvement centers operating in the Company today. They are located in beautiful comfortable buildings with well developed adjacent areas including parks, swimming pools: places for having good recreation and walking. All centers are fit with modern medical equipment.

Job Creation

A special corporate project to support small and medium size business in has been implemented since 2004 at PJSC TATNEFT. The objectives of the project are to create new jobs and ensure social stability in the region of the Company's activity.

A significant role in ensuring the project is assigned to a subsidiary OOO «Innovation and Production Technopark “Idea-South East” in Leninogorsk. The concept basis of development the Technopark implies attraction of the most promising innovative projects in the region and creation of all necessary conditions for their development.

A Cooperation Agreement between PJSC TATNEFT, the Agency for Enterprising Development and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Tatarstan has been concluded in the framework of this Project and the Coordination Council has been established.

2008 witnessed implementation of one of the most promising investment projects: construction of a factory for glass fiber and fiber glass based products in the territory of the “Alabuga” special economic zone.