Charitable Funds

Charitable Funds

In 2018, the Company’s Management decided to consolidate the activities of the existing charitable foundations “Gifted Children”, “Rukhiyat”, “Miloserdiye (Mercy)” and “Tazalyk” into a single TATNEFT Charitable Fund. These funds were created at different periods for the implementation of the Company’s social projects related to the support of education, culture, science, sports, and the provision of material assistance to various categories of the population. Today they were consolidated in the joint single fund with the same name programs, retaining their functions, staff, and the amount of funding.

The program "Gifted Children" annually allows supporting talented schoolchildren. Such events as the conference “Schoolchildren to the Science of the 21st Century”, the Winter School for training participants of All-Russian national teams in subject olympiads, Fund Prize Winners Rally, attended by hundreds of talented children who represent the Republic of Tatarstan at the All-Russian and international levels have already become traditional.

The activities of the Rukhiyat program are aimed at enhancing the cultural life of the oil region of the Republic of Tatarstan. The program provides the support to young talents, is involved in publishing activities, working with writers and poets, artists and cultural figures.

The program implements the cultural and educational project “Academy of V. Spivakov Fund. Children to children. Tatarstan”, which provides for holding master classes with participation of famous musicians, artists and choreographers of the Russian Federation, and the best participants of the project are invited to the festival “Moscow meets friends”.

Support for sports and a healthy lifestyle, including holding of the Company's sporting events, are implemented as part of the Tazalyk program.

Significant funds are allocated under the “Mercy” program for the economic support of people who have wholly devoted themselves and the young years of their life to the development of the oil industry in the Republic, and the assistance is provided on a continuous basis to children from low-income families and other segments of the population. Support is provided to public organizations.