Talented Children Fund

Talented Children Fund

The Talented Children Charitable Fund has been established to support the intellectually gifted school children.

The Fund's resources are directed to:

arrangement of subject-oriented Olympiads, research/scientific and engineering contests and competitions, scientific and practical conferences in the region of the Company's activity, as well as participation of schoolchildren in similar activities in other regions of Russia and abroad;
encouragement of the talented schoolchildren and their mentors in the event of achieving good results;
financial assistance to gifted schoolchildren of low-income families;
financing of programs and activities aimed at developing the intellectual potential of the schoolchildren, etc.
The documents regulating the activities of the Talented Children Fund:

Program of the Charitable Talented Children Fund;
Regulations on the Fund's Commission Board activity;
Regulations on the financial incentives for schoolchildren and their mentors;
Regulations on allocation of grants for implementation of projects aimed at the development of cognitive, creative, technical and engineering abilities of the schoolchildren,
Regulations on the establishment of the Fund's scholarship.
The Fund’s resources are managed by the Commission approved by the General Director of PJSC TATNEFT, consisting of equal number of the Company's employees and the public representatives - the most distinguished teachers from each region of the south-east of Tatarstan.

The Commission is headed by Mrs. L.A. Sadchikova, an honored school teacher of the Republic of Tatarstan, holder of the II degree «Order of Merit to the Motherland», a teacher of the highest qualification category of the Lyceum in Almetyevsk.

The Commission members, representatives of the municipal districts, promote the Fund's activity at their teachers' forums: directors meetings of the educational institutions, teachers' conferences, meetings of A-grade schoolchildren and competition prize winners, etc. They perform as solicitors in giving material incentives to successful schoolchildren and mentors, granting of scholarships for the schoolchildren from low-income families continuously demonstrating high results in their studies, as well as in allocating funds for participation in intellectual activities. The commission receives objectively substantial information, supported by documents (certificates, diplomas, certificates of achievements, invitations to conferences, competitions and contests). The issue of appointment of the scholarship is solved in a similar way.

The amount of the incentives is indexed.

Currently, the amount is for schoolchildren (lump sum):

1,000 rubles for the achievements at the zonal level,
1,500 rubles for the achievements at the republican level,
2,000 rubles for achievements at the Russian Federation level,
2,500 rubles for the achievements at the international level;
for their mentors:

1,500 rubles for the achievements at the zonal level,
2,000 rubles for the achievements at the republican level,
2,500 rubles for the achievements at the Russian Federation level,
3,000 rubles for the achievements at the international level;
The monthly scholarship for gifted schoolchildren from the low-income families amounts to 2000 rubles, which is set for the calendar year for the schoolchildren in forms 8 to10 and up to August inclusive for the schoolchildren of the 11th form. Funding of participation in competitions and conferences giving a chance to receive a bonus by the achieved results is also considered to be an incentive.

The regional scientific and practical conference “Schoolchildren for the Science of the XXIst century”, which is held annually under the patronage of the Charity Talented Children Fund contributes into identification of talented schoolchildren in the cognitive area. The Fund sends ten winners in the field of natural and engineering sciences to the Russian school seminar “Academy of the Young”.

Thanks to the support of the Charitable Fund the schoolchildren of the south-east of Tatarstan actively participate in all-Russian scientific and practical conferences “Step to the Future”, “Youth. Science. Culture”, “Discovery”, “Intelligence of the Future” within the framework of the national educational programs as well as in teams' competitions of the Urals young mathematicians' tournament, in mathematical tournament «Rising of a Star» in Bulgaria, test-rating competitions of the international club “Glyuon” in Greece and “Intellectual Marathon” in Anapa. In the framework of these two forums our schoolchildren used to receive twice the opportunity of participating in the World EXPOs.

In addition the Fund finances the regional and district activities aimed at the development of cognitive abilities of the schoolchildren. Based on the Regulations of the grants allocations the following activities are supported: a summer field ecological and biological expedition “Pupil-teacher-scientist” (Bugulma), a dedicated shift of young mathematics fans of the “Integral” camp (Almetyevsk), Environmental Expedition “Clean Area” (Bavly), Uralskaya School of Mathematics and Informatics (Nizhnekamsk).

A forum of the PJSC TATNEFT’s Talented Children Charitable Fund is annually held in one of the district centers of the south-east, at which the year's results are summarized and the most successful participants of the events as well as their mentors are honored. The purpose of this event is to show the public the importance of the Fund in enhancement of the intellectual potential of the Republic, to demonstrate the role of PJSC TATNEFT in supporting of young talents, orienting the graduates at the problems and specialties of oilmen. The Fund maintains a database of its prize winners, which is used in selection of applicant candidates to enter the higher educational institutions to study at the expense of PJSC TATNEFT.