Miloserdiye (Charity) Fund

Miloserdiye (Charity) Fund

Miloserdiye Charitable Fund was established in 1999.

The Fund objectives are: support of education, education, science, culture, health care, sports and social support for the low income persons.

Miloserdiye Charitable Fund operates both in all regions of the Republic of Tatarstan and outside the Republic.

Owing to the support of the Fund the images of towns and cities of the Republic having been changed. For example, the Fund has financed construction of a secondary school in the worker's settlement Jalil, reconstruction of the memorial «The Eternal Flame». The Fund has updated the children's park and built a fitness center in Aznakaevo. The Fund has financed reconstruction of the hospital and furnished school number 3 with computers in Elabuga. In Almetyevsk the Fund has financed complete reconstruction of the boarding school, the Almetyevsk State Petroleum Institute, secondary school No. 2, the Medical Center (Medsanchast'), a clinic in the village Maktama, updating development of the city park, which has become a favorite place of recreation both for children and adult population. The Center of Veterans has been renovated and equipped for the elderly people of Almetyevsk.

The Fund provides essential assistance to the development of sports, especially the children's ice hockey constructing hockey courts throughout the south-eastern part of the Republic. The Fund has financed construction of a new base for hockey players and reconstruction of the «Uubileiny» Sports Palace in Almetyevsk.

The Miloserdiye Charitable Fund supports operation of the “Rukhiyat” and the “Talanted Children” Funds. The Fund continuously renders assistance to the children from low income families, identifies talented children and sends them to various republican, all-Russia scale and international contests and competitions, where children commendably represent the Republic of Tatarstan.

The Fund pays a lot of attention to the maintenance and support of religious institutions. For the period of its activity the Fund has rendered charitable donations for the construction of a temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Aktyuba sttlement, the church of the Reverend Seraphim of Sarov in Bavly, the reconstruction of the Kazan Kremlin and Kul' Sharif Mosque, Petropavlovsk Temple in Almetyevsk, church of Prophet Elijah in Nurlat, the construction of Spiritual School of the Kazan Diocese.

The recipients of the Fund's charitable assistance are various community organizations both within and outside the Republic of Tatarstan. For example, in Moscow it is a «Rusich» public organization of persons with disabilities, «Master Class» creative school, child care center No. 12, a cadet boarding-school, the «Russian National Orchestra» Foundation, the «Slava (Glory) sports rugby club.

The Miloserdiye Charitable Fund renders every possible support to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) of the Tatarstan Republic. A lot of assistance is provided for the development of material and technical base of the Internal Affairs Offices in the cities and regions of the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as to the educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Fund has rendered financial assistance for manning of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Republic of Tatarstan Federal Security Service battalions serving in the troubled areas of anti-terrorist operations, purchasing night-vision devices, personal protective gear and other equipment.

The Fund pays special attention to the veterans of labor. PJSC TATNEFT allocates substantial financing through the Miloserdiye Charitable Fund for the economic support of people who have dedicated their abilities and the young years of their life to the establishment of the oil industry branch in the Republic.

This is a goal-oriented and judicious policy of the Company, aimed at improving the living standards of the oil industry veterans. The Miloserdiye Charitable Fund Jointly with the Trade Union Committee of TATNEFT takes part in organization of recreation and treatment of the veteran workers at spa conditions, where in addition to the high quality medical treatment they enjoy recreative events, arranged performances of professional and amateur teams and art groups. There are also other types of financial assistance to veterans. Substantial funds are allocated every year for retirees for the celebration of International Women's Day and Day of Aged Persons, as well as for the participants of war, home front workers and widows on Victory Day. Additionally the Company covers the veterans' expenses for acquisition of expensive medical drugs, surgeries, purchase of hearing aids and dental services.