PJSC TATNEFT Equity Capital Structure

The total number of the Company's shareholders exceeds 120 thousand persons.

Of this amount, the shareholders owning 5% or more shares of the authorized capital, as of March


Entity Name

Entity Type

% of the authorized capital

% of voting (ordinary) shares


Joint Stock Company Svyazinvestneftekhim


(nominal holding of the "Central Depository of the Republic of Tatarstan" Joint Stock Company)




Citibank, N.A.

Depository programs account

(at the Central Securities Depository Non-Banking Credit Organization "National Settlement Depository" Joint Stock Company)




The total number of ordinary shares holders included in the list of persons entitled to participate in the General Meeting of the Shareholders as of September 06, 2020 is 105,473 shareholders.

There are no shares at the disposal of the Company.
The shares held by the legal entities controlled by the Company account for 3.47% of the Company’s authorized capital.

The Company hereby declares that it does not have any information about the existence of the shares ownership in excess of five percent, in addition to those indicated, as well as the information about the possible acquisition of a the control by certain shareholders to the extent disproportionate to their participation in the authorized capital of the Company, including the one on the basis of shareholder agreements or by any other means.

The geography of the shareholders’ location covers the territory of Russia (the main share of the shareholders), North America, Australia, countries of Europe and Asia.

The Company's shares have been listed on the Russian and international stock markets for over 25 years and they are one of the most liquid instruments at the securities market.

The Company’s ordinary and preference shares listed in the Level One quotation list participate in the trading of PJSC Moscow Exchange. The shares of TATNEFT are included in the calculation base of the RTS and MICEX indices, which are the main proxy of the Russian stock market.

24.53% of the Company's ordinary shares have been deposited for conversion into Global American Depositary Receipts (ADR) with a conversion ratio of 1DR: 6 shares.

The Company's depositary receipts are listed on the London Stock Exchange and they are traded in the Xetra system, which is part of the Deutsche Börse Group of companies.