On the Insider Information Protection

In connection with the Federal Law No. 224-FZ "On Countering the Illegal Use of Insider Information and Market Manipulation and on Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation" dated July 27, 2010 entering into legal force persons having access to the insider information of PJSC TATNEFT , specified in the Insider Information List of PJSC TATNEFT named after V.D. Shashin are obliged to notify the Company, as well as the Bank of Russia (the Central Bank of the Russian Federation) (at its request) of their transactions with securities of PJSC TATNEFT and entering into agreements, that are derivative financial instruments which underlying asset is a security PJSC TATNEFT, within 10 working days after the date they making such a transaction.

The Company’s Insider Information Protection Committee has been established for controlling the use of the insider information.

Chairman of the Insider Information Protection Committee:

D.M. Gamirov, Acting Corporate Secretary - Deputy Head of Corporate Secretary's Office.

Composition of the Committee for the Protection of Insider Information:

  • A.P. Bespalov - Сhief expert of Business Service Center
  • I.A. Rakhmatullin - Head of Internal Audit Department
  • VA Mozgovoi - Assistant to General Director for Corporate Finance
  • P.A. Glushkov - Advisor to General Director for International Legal Affairs
  • R.R. Khamadyarov - Deputy Head of HR Department for Corporate Culture Development

A completed notification of the transactions carried out shall be sent to PJSC TATNEFT in one of the following ways:

  • message forwarding with the with acknowledgment receipt requested;
  • sending an electronic document with an electronic digital signature (to the e-mail address ocb@tatneft.ru);

A notice submitted in paper form shall be:

  • signed;
  • sealed, if it is submitted (forwarded) by a legal entity;
  • bound and numbered if it contains more than one page.

List of Information Pertaining to the Insider Information:

The insider information list
docx, 33.92 Кб
Regulation on the procedure for access to the insider information
docx, 64.29 Кб
Form of a transaction making notification for individuals sent to the Company
docx, 21.92 Кб
Form of a transaction making notification for legal entities sent to the Company.
docx, 22.67 Кб
Form of consent for the processing personal data the insider represented by an individual
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