Corporate Management Committee

The main objective of the Committee is preliminary consideration and preparation of recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding development and improvement of the Company’s corporate management system.

Committee membership


Nail Ulfatovich Maganov, member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Management Board, General Director of PJSC TATNEFT.

Committee Members:

Nuria Zufarovna Valeeva – Head of the PJSC TATNEFT’s PR Departament

Damir Maratovich Gamirov – Acting Corporate Secretary of PJSC TATNEFT – Deputy Head of the Corporate Secretary’s Office of PJSC TATNEFT.

Vasiliy Alexandrovich Mozgovoy, Assistant to General Director for Corporate Finance of PJSC TATNEFT.

Nurislam Zinatullovich Syubayev, Management Board Member, Deputy General Director for Strategic Development of PJSC TATNEFT.

Larisa Yu. Glukhova
Head of the State Legal Administration under the President of the Republic of Tatarstan

Principal functions

The Committee initiates and organizationally ensures the corporate management procedures improvement, the adoption of new and upgrading of existing corporate documents in accordance with changes in the current legislation and in general corporate standards.

  • Development of recommendations for the implementation of the Corporate Management Code provisions approved by the Bank of Russia and the Government of the Russian Federation and ensuring the requirements of the Listing Rules.
  • Drafting of recommendations and preliminary consideration of materials on carrying out of corporate transformations in Company affecting interests of shareholders.
  • Monitoring compliance with the requirements of the legislation on joint stock companies, regulatory acts of regulatory bodies, legitimate interests and shareholders' rights.
  • Assistance to the Board of Directors and the General Director in assessing the quality of corporate relations and the development of the corporate management system in the Company (regulation of the relationship between the shareholders, the Board of Directors and the Company's management, and interaction with the Company’s subsidy structures, as well as other interested parties).
  • Development of recommendations on the preparation and holding of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.
  • Development of recommendations for amending the Articles and other internal documents of the Company, the approval of which falls within the competence of the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Directors.
  • Development of recommendations on draft internal documents aimed at improving corporate management system at the Company.