Atmospheric air protection

In 2017, the Company began to implement the greenhouse gas emissions accounting and inventory system in compliance with the new requirements of the Russian Federation legislation and the international standards with regards to the climate change.

The Company prevents greenhouse gas emissions of more than 3 million tonnes (CO2 equivalent) per year thanks to the high rate of associated petroleum gas (APG) utilization.

In pursuance of rationally use of associated petroleum gas (APG) and compliance with the established standards of maximum permissible emissions (MPE) of pollutants into the atmosphere as well as further reduction of the emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions into the air the Company is implementing the targeted action items.

Currently, the utilization rate of associated petroleum gas is 96.27%, which is one of the best performances across the industry.

In the period since 2013, the Company has significantly reduced the gross emission of harmful substances into the air.