The Brand of TATNEFT Group

The Brand of TATNEFT Group

The year 2010 witnessed completion of a five-years’ phase of implementing the program of creating a common corporate identity and strengthening the TATNEFT brand in the status of the TATNEFT Group's corporate brand. Important work was carried out during this period to consolidate the brand, ensure a holistic perception of the Company as a vertically integrated structure and create a unified management tools platform for the further development of the corporate business segments.

In 2006, the JSC TATNEFT’s Board of Directors approved the Regulations on the TATNEFT Group and a new logo of the Group, which reflects the corporate values: ecology, energy, purity of intents and business transparency. The logo applies to all the activities of the Company and it is used in strict compliance with the corporate regulations, based on the legal aspects of the protection and use of the trademark and corporate business development priorities. The logo is a key element of the common corporate identity, providing for awareness of all the TATNEFT Group entities. One of the main brand-carriers of the Company, in addition to the oil and gas production facilities is the filling stations retail business chain.

Simultaneously with the introduction of uniform style-making standards the brand of TATNEFT Group is strengthened by unified managerial, industrial, environmental and social standards which form the basis of interaction of the parent Company and the Group entities.

The TATNEFT brand name is considered by the Company as a valuable intangible asset involved in the formation of the TATNEFT’s market value.

The brand of TATNEFT is included in the international rating of the most valuable brands of Russia.