Procedures for managing investment projects

Management of investment projects is based on ensuring the standard of procedures for review, expert examination, risk evaluation system, and decision making. These procedures are ensured by the Investment Committee together with the Investment Department of PJSC TATNEFT.

Each investment project is subject to an individual procedure of technical, geological, and economic justification with expert opinions of the Company’s specialists on production expediency and investment attractiveness.

Procedure of investment projects review

The concept of risk management in the Company includes: identification and assessment of risks, simulation modeling of the project results, preparation of risk response measures, adjustment of the financial model with regard to risks, determination of risk event initiation points, risk control, monitoring risk response results. Multi-factor risk assessment is carried out on the basis of the expert and statistical assessment of the most significant risks. The information on the risks and variability of the net present value for projects and the portfolio as a whole is reflected in the corporate base of investment projects.

The investment management system provides for integrated control of all stages of the investment program planning. This allows you to promptly receive information on the planned and actual performance of each project and the execution of the investment program as a whole, to quickly respond to changes in the projects in the process of their implementation.