Social Activities

Social activity of PJSC TATNEFT is deservedly recognized as one of the best in Russia.

The Company guarantees social benefits to its employees. Despite the policy of reducing the costs, the Company maintains the achieved level of benefits and guarantees. The social benefits and guarantees are considered by the Company as an element of the incentives system to encourage efficient work and as a positive factor in maintaining the Company's image as the most attractive employer.

The social policy of PJSC TATNEFT is implemented through the programs of voluntary health insurance, non-governmental pensions, provision of benefits and guaranties and it concerns not only the Company's employees, but the residents of the region as well.

The social policy of the Company aims to consistently improve the living conditions of the employees. The Company invests funds in housing on the mortgage basis, providing interest free loans to the employees for shared participation in the construction of housing.

In accordance with the Collective Agreement the Company also provides material aid to the employees in various everyday life situations. The Company pays great attention to the medical treatment and health improvement of the personnel. The Company's employees can receive free medical care and vouchers for sanatorium treatment.

Within the framework of the Company's social policy all the employees are covered by the contract of voluntary insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases. The Company takes care of the employees' children rendering material aid to large and single-parent families, orphans and disabled children.

The social policy of the Company aims at attraction of the employees to physical culture and sports. To this end, the Company regularly hosts corporate sports events developing sports infrastructure.

The Company attaches special importance to social protection of youth. The young employees of the Company are granted interest free loans and rendered material aid to.

Much attention is attached to assistance and full-scale support of the Company's pensioners.
In connection with reforms in the housing and utilities sector, monetization of social benefits and other social and economic changes there is a corporate project operating in the Company to provide for the targeted (addressed) assistance to the pensioners.

The social policy of the Company envisages significant contributions to the provision of material and immaterial aid to the retirees and veterans of the region. PJSC TATNEFT supports the regional Veterans Centers and Homes for aged persons. Particular attention is paid to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, their widows and workers in the rear.

The Company makes significant contribution in supporting literature and arts, preservation and development of the national culture and spiritual revival of the region's residents.

Areas of social policy in JSC Tatneft