Selection of Personnel

Selection of Personnel

The Policy of the Personnel Management PJSC TATNEFT in the area of recruiting and selection of personnel is carried out in the framework of strategic planning of human resources.

The Company welcomes the employees:

  • possessing necessary knowledge and skills to perform the work;
  • having specialized secondary and higher vocational education, two or more professions;
  • interested in intensive work, as well as in professional and career growth;
  • result and high quality oriented;
  • capable of working in a team and striving to maintain team spirit;
  • energetic, goal-oriented and responsible;
  • treating people and property of the Company with due care;
  • striving to self-development and self-improvement;
  • taking care of the land.

When there is a vacancy the Company gives preference to those employees and outside candidates who possess the necessary professional competence and strive for career development.

Competitive selection includes interviews with the candidates, questioning, examination of professional competence and compulsory medical examination in accordance with the regulations. The selection of candidates for vacancies of the Company is performed by objective criteria.
The Company guarantees equal opportunities to the candidates, regardless of age, nationality, religious affiliation and other differences.

The policy of PJSC TATNEFT in the area of personnel is oriented on cooperation with specialized training institutions to train promising young people for subsequent work in the Company.

The Policy of the Company's Personnel Management is reflected in the adaptation programs of the new employees and creation of optimal conditions for successful activity of the employees.