Personnel Development and Training

Being one of the industry leaders, TATNEFT Company pays great attention to the Personnel Management Policy. We are interested in attracting responsible and professional employees. For many years, the Company has been paying special attention to the training of future professionals, attracting students and teachers from the Almetyevsk State Petroleum Institute to participate in the Company's projects. We are improving the system of personnel training, which includes the work with educational organizations of vocational training, the Training Center of PJSC TATNEFT, and the Corporate University. We introduce new methods for assessing the competencies of employees, integrating the assessment results into the further development of each professional and manager. Being the industry customer, we participate in the formation of professional standards, and we are also the initiator of opening of the Regional Center for Qualification Assessment. All this contributes to the systematic movement of the Company towards its strategic goal: doubling the Company's internal value to at least $21.5 billion by 2025.

From 2016, the main goal of the Company in terms of staff development is to transfer training to the corporate format in order to minimize the costs associated with the training and coverage of a larger number of students.

An important stage in the evolution of the personnel development system in our Company was a Corporate University opening in 2016. The training in the Corporate University was provided to 4,709 persons in 2018, (167 groups) in 34 educational courses. In addition, the training was arranged by external providers for 847 persons.

The EMBA “Goal-oriented educational program for the personnel reserve TOP 100” and the MBA “Goal-oriented educational program for the personnel reserve TOP 300” were established for the development of managers competency in the area of business administration.

The plans for 2019 provide for implementing the project “Development of the e-learning system in the TATNEFT Group”, which will allow our employees to study remotely.

The work on standardization of positions in the Company is carried out successfully. In December 2018, TATNEFT took part in the Contest for the implementation of professional standards in the organization’s activities and was awarded the 3rd place in the nomination “The Best Industrial Enterprise for the Implementation of Professional Standards” among 352 organizations from 46 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. In 2019, the work will be continued on the development and implementation of professional standards.

The professional skill improvement of managers and specialists of the Company is carried out in accordance with the plan approved by the General Director (CEO). During the development of advanced training programs, leaders of business areas decide whether to include various topics in the curriculum, which areas of study are strategically important, while excluding certain topics. Russian and foreign educational institutions are involved in the implementation of the programs.

The training of workers and experts, including the professions related to the maintenance and operation of hazardous production facilities, is carried out by PEO DPO "CPC-TATNEFT" (private educational institution of the additional vocational education institution TsPK-Tatneft (Tatneft Personnel Training Center) and its 8 branches located in the south-eastern part of the Republic of Tatarstan.

There were 92 programs of vocational training and additional vocational education developed at CHOU DPO "CPC-TATNEFT" in 2018 at the request of customer enterprises. There was training organized and carried out for 40 workers and professionals from enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 40 professionals from enterprises of the Republic of Turkmenistan under the programs "Automation and Instrumentation of Oil and Gas Processes and Communications" and "Topical issues of geology and development of oil and gas fields."
Starting from 2018, the Company, jointly with the State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education AGNI (Almetyevsk State Petroleum Institute), has been implementing 4 unique master’s programs:

  • Modeling and management of the hydrocarbon deposits development;
  • Hydraulic fracturing;
  • Innovative oil and gas mineral resource management;
  • HR-analytics (the first master's program in the Russian Federation).

Traditionally, for the recruitment of, graduate students to target groups according to these programs, training customers (the Company’s centers of competence) carry out large-scale multi-stage selection campaigns, including:

  • testing to identify the level of professional knowledge, knowledge of the English language, as well as psychological state;
  • case solving studies on target areas;
  • interviews with representatives of the customer training.

There is a mentor assigned to each master student who oversees his work, as well as provides advising on final qualifying work on the subject of business and technical challenges faced by the Company.

The decision on the need for further employment of the target person to the Company on the basis of the training results shall be made on the basis of his academic performance and recommendations of the training ordering customer.