Performance Management

Successful implementation of the PJSC TATNEFT strategy is inseparably linked with development of the performance management system of each employee, working groups and the Company as a whole. Essentially the performance management system is based on each employee understanding the tasks faced by him and by the Company. Therefore, it is of great importance to ensure the timely and comprehensive provision of information to the personnel about the strategic objectives and directions of the Company's development, changes in external conditions and possible consequences of these changes.

The performance management system of PJSC TATNEFT uses a cascade principle of setting objectives from the top management level to the lower one down to the objectives set up individually for each employee of the Company.

The cascade principle of goal-setting in PJSC Tatneft

The Company focuses special attention on the objective appraisal of employees, which helps to monitor performance of tasks assigned and timely detection of the gap between the requirements to the personnel and their actual performance.

The results of the personnel evaluation affect the labor remuneration, promotion of employees in career advancement, as well as serve as a basis for compiling training programs for the employees' development. The results of the personnel assessment also serve as one of the information sources that can timely identify problems impeding the efficient work, and find optimal solutions.

For the purpose of improving the performance management the Company will upgrade methods and approaches to the assessment of individual and group activities developing key performance indicators for all categories of employees.