Labor Remuneration

PJSC TATNEFT considers the labor remuneration as part of an integrated system of material incentives for the employees to work effectively. This system allows the Company to maintain high level of competitiveness by attracting, keeping and rationally using qualified and motivated employees.

The basic principles of the labor remuneration for personnel of the Company are as follows:

  • dependence on the results and goals attainment by the employees;
  • fair labor remuneration for the employees, transparency of payroll management;
  • providing for a competitive labor remuneration level.

The system of labor remuneration of the personnel is oriented on the motivation of the employees to perform their work qualitatively and efficiently is determined by:

  • the importance and complexity of problems solved by the employee;
  • results of the Company's operation during the reporting period;
  • results of the Company's structural division operation;
  • labor results of individual employees;
  • level of professional qualification and the employee certification of results.

The system of labor remuneration is made up of a fixed and a variable part of monetary remuneration. The constant part of the wages includes the tariff component (tariff rates and salaries), bonuses, allowances, benefits and compensations envisaged by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, as well as payment of annual leaves.

The variable part of the wages may consist of bonuses payments for performance based on the labor results during a certain period (month, quarter, half-year and year) for the implementation of targeted programs, and other bonuses. The HR Management Policy of the Company contemplates a continuous increase of a variable component of the labor remuneration.

System of the staff stimulation on PJSC Tatneft

The ratio of the fixed and variable parts of the wages is determined by:

  • position of the employee;
  • the employee's impact on the individual, collective and corporate performance;
  • the Company's HR Management Policy.

The Company carries out continuous monitoring of changes of the social/economic conditions, in particular, inflation and the labor market situation. Based on the results of the monitoring the Company regularly makes decisions on wages indexing in accordance with its financial possibilities.

The Company aims to consistently improve the labor incentive system, including labor remuneration of the personnel.