Human resources management

Human resources management

Personnel management policy

The main asset of PJSC TATNEFT and a key resource in the implementation of the corporate strategy are employees of the Company. This approach forms the basis of the Company’s personnel management policy.

The policy objective is to provide the Company with highly professional and motivated employees, to create conditions for their effective work and develop the Company’s human capital in accordance with the chosen strategy.

The Company’s HR management policy is a set of principles and approaches applied in the process of human resources management. It defines the methods and ways of managing the staff, as well as provides for a unified approach to decision making in respect of the personnel based on the Company’s values.

The personnel management policy is a fundamental document of the Company in the area of human resource management, which is consistently reflected in corporate standards, regulations and procedures. All the provisions of the personnel management policy are binding on the structural divisions, subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as every employee of the Company.

All the managers of the Company with the organizational and methodological support of the personnel management services are responsible for implementing the personnel management policy.

The HR management policy of PJSC TATNEFT is aimed at maintaining the Company's status as the most attractive employer in the labor market.