Credit History

In the middle of the 90-ies Dresdner Bank AGSociete GeneraleChase Manhattan Bank and Berliner Bank AG became creditors of TATNEFT. For the purpose of raising funds TATNEFT fulfilled certain conditions of the creditors. For instance, the Company was one of the first in the industry to start preparation of its financial statements in accordance with GAAP principles. This was a prerequisite for its inclusion into the listing of the London Stock Exchange, and it occurred in 1996.

In 1997 TATNEFT placed Eurobonds in the amount of $ 300 million with maturity of 5 years in the international markets. Redemption of the securities was accomplished in October 2002. The default of 1998 aggravated the financial situation of the Company.

In autumn 2000 TATNEFT restructured its debt in the amount of $ 354 million to the Club of Western creditor banks.

In 2001 there were two credits received totaling $ 225 million granted by Commerzbank and BNP Paribas. At the same time, the Company was paying out the restructured debt under the agreement concluded.

In 2002 OAO TATNEFT performed ahead of schedule full payment to the Club of foreign investors. In the same year the Company obtained Western loans totaling $ 500 million from CSFB and BNP Paribas at very low rates for Russian companies and with a record-breaking 5-year maturity at that time for the oil industry.

In 2001-2002 TATNEFT attracted a syndicated loan of RUB 900 million, placed two bonded loans totaling RUB 300 million. In 2003 the Company placed a bonded loan in the amount of RUB 1.5 billion. At present all the ruble loans and bonds have been fully and timely repaid.

In March 2003 the Company repaid a loan in the amount of $ 84.2 million obtained under the guarantee of Eximbank (United States) in 1996.

In March 2007 the Company redeemed a five-year loan of $ 200 million to CSFB.

In 2007 the Company prematurely closed the loan from BNP Paribas in the amount of $ 300 million.

In 2008 the Company used to take out only short-term loans to cover cash gaps.

In 2009 the Company acquired a syndicated loan in the amount of $ 1.5 billion. The Trade Finance Magazine called the loan "Deal of the Year", while the Euroweek Magazine called it "Best credit in the Central and Eastern Europe".

In 2010:   in June the Company acquired a syndicated loan in the amount of $ 2 billion.    

- in September, the Company placed three-year bonds for RUB 5 billion at the rate of 7.25% and prepared a program for RUB 45 billion split into tranches RUB 5 billion each.

In 2011:  - club loan with a fixed interest rate in the amount of $ 550 million was arranged in June.

- In December, PJSC TATNEFT and its subsidiary JSC TANECO announced the opening of financing with participation of export credit agencies of Denmark (EKF) and Italy (SACE) totaling $219.48 million. One of the most authoritative publications in the field of structured and trade financing - TRADE FINANCE Magazine called it "Deal of the Year".

In 2012 the Company attracted only short-term loans to cover cash gaps and worked in the mode of the previously attracted credits return.

In 2013 the Company worked in the mode of the previously attracted credits return. September 20, 2013 witnessed timely redemption of three-year exchange bonds RUB 5 billion worth. In November of 2013 Moody’s Investor Services rating agency announced that it upgraded the corporate group rating and probability of default of PJSC TATNEFT n.a. V.D. Shashin to the investment grade "Baa3", the forecast - "stable". PJSC TATNEFT n.a. V.D. Shashin for the first time in its history received an investment grade rating from a leading rating agency.

In 2014 the Company fully repaid the club loan raised in 2011 in the amount of $ 550 million.  Recognition of improving the financial status of the Company was the fact that in June 2014 the Fitch Ratings Agency upgraded the credit rating of TATNEFT to the investment level of “BBB-“with a stable forecast. After the rating upgrade from Fitch Ratings and Moody's Investor Services decision on assignment “Baa3” credit rating to TATNEFT in November 2013,   the Company was the owner of the investment grade credit ratings from   two leading rating agencies in 2014.

In 2015-2016 the Company did not attract credit resources and worked in the mode of the previously attracted credits return.