In recent years TATNEFT used to retain a high level of crude oil production proving its reputation of one of the most stable Russian oil companies. The origin of stability is application of advanced technology, high professionalism and many years of the staff experience.

Today TATNEFT is a leader in the development and application of advanced technologies in the industry branch. The Company actively finances its research projects.

The following developments of TATNEFT's professionals could be considered the most well known and effective:

  • Underbalanced drilling;
  • Drilling of downhole splitters;
  • Variety of underbalanced drilling;
  • Chain drives for downhole pumps: an alternative to the conventional sucker rod pumps;
  • Metal/plastic and fiberglass pipes, etc.

These developments were made by the scientists of three TATNEFT's divisions: R&D Institutes TatNIPIneft and TatNIIneftemash, and the experts of Tatneftegeofizika Company.

Among the partners in working out new technologies: Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, Institute of Microbiology, Russian Academy of Sciences, VNII of Hydrocarbons (Kazan).