Retail Business

Retail Business

Network of Filling Stations

TATNEFT Company’s network of filling stations comprised 727 stations as of May 2020, including 616 stations in the Russian Federation, 18 in Belarus, 91 in Ukraine and 2 in Uzbekistan.

TATNEFT's retail and sales enterprises demonstrate high efficiency figures and they are leaders in many regional markets of the country. There are advanced energy-saving technologies aimed at preserving and improving the environment employed at the Company's filling stations.

The sale of a wide range of fuel and related products and high-level services provision are the main priorities of the TATNEFT filling stations activities. The guaranteed high quality of petroleum products at the filling stations is ensured by steadfast compliance with the process discipline and the requirements of regulatory documents when receiving, storing, transporting and dispensing petroleum products.

At present, a program of reformatting the TATNEFT’s filling stations is implemented with the expansion of stores offering a wide range of goods, as well as a variety of related services. The customers can have some refreshment here after a long journey in a cozy cafe, where they can buy hot dishes, delicious national pastries and aromatic freshly brewed coffee.

Depending on the season and time of the day express services are provided for the drivers’ comfort:

  • refueling services,
  • self-testing and adjustment of tyre pressure,
  • free equipment for wiping glasses, headlights and license plates,
  • vacuum cleaner for self-cleaning in the car interior.

Reverse interaction services help to increase the customers’ loyalty:

  • an automated system for handling the customers’ requests allows prompt responding to requests and complaints,
  • maintaining communication with the customers at the modern and convenient for the customers communication platforms, including social networks VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Telegramm, Instagram.
  • the customer portal provides up-to-date information about the network of the TATNEFT’s filling stations, telephone numbers and feedback email addresses.