Starting with the first oil field to the establishment of TATNEFT Company (1943 - 1990)

Starting with the first oil field to the establishment of TATNEFT Company (1943 - 1990)

«Tatneft» Amalgamation was established by the resolution of the Soviet of Ministers of the USSR and it incorporated «Bavlyneft», «Bugulmaneft» oil producing trusts, the «Tatburneft» drilling company, the «Tatneftepromstroy» construction and installation trust, and the «Tatnefteproject» design office.The first million tons of Tatar oil was produced.

The Drilling School, which had been included to «Saratovneftegas» association before, was incorporated into «Tatneft».

«Almetyevneft» oil-and-gas producing trust, «Almetevburneft» drilling trust as well as «Tatneftegeophisica», «Tattekhsnabneft» and «Tatnefteprovodstroy» were incorporated into «Tatneft» Amalgamation.

1953. The first meeting of young oilmen of Tatarstan took place in January. Mass Socialist Emulation started. The foremost crews of tool pushers G. Z. Gaifullin, M. M. Ghimazov, M. P. Grin', M. F. Nurgaleyev and M. M. Beloglazov broke records in drilling.
On November 3 Almetyevsk workmen’s settlement was given a city status by the Order of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

1954-1955. Oil producing trusts were reorganized to oilfield departments. Novaya Pismyanka workmen’s settlement became the city of Leninogorsk.

1956. Directives of the XX Congress of the Communist Party of the USSR defined the tasks for the sixth five-year plan on new oil field development in the Tatar ASSR. The «TatNII» Tatar oil research institute was founded. The Advisory Center of the Moscow Oil-Industry Institute named after I. M. Gubkin was opened in Almetyevsk city. Later it was reorganized to the Tatar Part-Time Faculty of the Moscow National Economy Institute, and then -to Almetyevsk Oil-Industry Institute. «Tatneft» produced 18 million tons of oil. The amalgamation took the first place in the Soviet Union by the volume of oil produced.

1957. The first section of Minnibayevsk Gas-and-Petrol Plant was put into operation.

1958. The Yelabuga consolidated oil field was organized.

1960. The main facilities of the «Druzhba» pipeline were located near Almetyevsk city.

1961. «Prikamneft» Oilfield Board was established. Oil Production Board «Bugulmaneft» was renamed into«Leninogorskneft» Oil Production Board.

1962. Waterflooding was used for the first time on Zelenogorsk area of the Romashkinskoye field (its oilfield application started in 1966). A group of «Tatneft» scientists and officials was awarded the Lenin Prize. «Tatneftegaz» trust and «Yelkhovneft» Oil Production Board were established.

1964. «Irkenneft» and «Aktyubaneft» Oil Production Boards were founded.

1966. «Tatneft» Production Amalgamation was awarded the Order of Lenin.

1968. «Suleyevneft» and «Jalilneft» Oil Production Boards were established.

1969. «Yamashneft» Oil Production Board was organized.

1970. The highest level of annual oil production in the country – 100 million tons was achieved and maintained till the year of 1976.

1971. TATNEFT produced the first billion tons of oil. NGDU «Almetyevneft» was awarded the Order of Lenin.

1975. The highest level of annual oil production – 103.7 million tons - was reached in the Republic.

1981. On October 2 TATNEFT Amalgamation produced the second billionth ton of oil since the beginning of fields development in the Republic.

The 1980s. The Ministry of Oil Industry issued the order «Development of a number of fields in Tyumen Region by «Bashneft» and «Tatneft» Associations». The oilmen of Tatarstan made a great contribution to the development of oil fields in western Siberia.

August 1990. The first wide-scale ecological program of TATNEFT was worked out and successfully implemented.

The early 1990s are characterized by export policy strengthening. Oil industry workers assert their rights to oil export with further use of currency proceeds to implement social programs of the Republic. The International Trade Council of the amalgamation was formed, since January 1992 - the External Economic Company (EEC).

1993. The Republic of Tatarstan celebrated the 50th jubilee of the commencement of Tatar oil commercial development. EEC signed a record number of contracts - 110 for a total sum of 60.41 million dollars.