TechnoPark «Idea-South-East»

OOO Innovation and Production Technological Park “Idea-South-East” was founded in 2004 in Leninogorsk. Its activity is directed onto the development of small and the medium-sized business in the region through creating new production facilities and restructuring the existing ones.

The “Idea-South-East” organizes the process of the idea embodiment in any business area from its origin to implementation. The Technological Park has a developed infrastructure and a highly professional collective of employees.
The development concept of the Technopark and business incubator is based on attraction of the most promising innovative projects of the region and creation of conditions for their development.

Specialization of the technological park:

rendering assistance to the developers in creation of prototypes of manufactured products;
rendering consulting services to the enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses: legal, accounting, marketing, and technical consulting; business planning;
leasing of production facilities and offices (flexible lease terms with the possibility of expansion, preferential conditions of rent and municipal services payment).
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