Programs of the Talented Children Fund

A regional conference “Schoolchildren for the Science of the XXIst Century” has become a traditional educational program organized by the Fund and it has been annually arranged at the premises of the Natural Science and Mathematical Lyceum (EMGLi) of Almetyevsk since 2004. The program annually attracts a large number of talented schoolchildren who demonstrate their knowledge in various fields of science, presenting their scientific research works at the sections of physics and mathematics, computer science, ecology and biology, history and culture, psychology and literature. Involvement of the schoolchildren into research activities besides an educational function increases their interest in science, improving the quality of knowledge acquired, increases their responsibility and initiative. Independently performed research of theoretical or practical orientation stimulates the development of creative interest. Each student, who successfully passed through the correspondence round of the conference, gets a chance to publish his information. By the end of the conference the best works are highlighted with diplomas and valuable gifts, the talented children, recommended by the jury get the opportunity to represent their work at conferences at a higher level. Each year the schoolchildren from Almetyevsk, Bugulma and Nizhnekamsk find themselves among the winners of the conference, and according to the jury members the quality of research work performed by the schoolchildren from Bavly, Leninogorsk, Aznakaevo and Zainsk has also improved.

The Fund also supports arrangement of regional scientific and practical conferences of schoolchildren on topical issues of the oil region. For example, in November 2004 a scientific-practical conference “South-east of Tatarstan: problems, state and the prospects of industrial and social development” on the basis of Lyceum No. 2 of Bugulma with the aim of attracting the younger generation to solving the problems of the south-eastern region of Tatarstan was held. The conference chaired by R.R. Ibatullin, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Director of TatNIPIneft R&D Institute, reviewed the issues of the environment, economy, geography, technology and production technology in the south-eastern region of Tatarstan. The regional scientific and practical conference of senior schoolchildren “Tatarstan Oil: History, Present and Future”, organized by the Talented Children Fund in connection with the 50th anniversary of TatNIPIneft in 2006 at Lyceum No. 2 in Bugulma, the schoolchildren from Almetyevsk, Bugulma, Nizhnekamsk, Leninogorsk, Bavly and Aznakaevo presented their works at the sections “The history of science and technology and economic development of the oil industry in the Republic of Tatarstan”, “Ecology of the south-eastern region of Tatarstan”, “Protection of the Environment in the south-eastern part of Tatarstan”, “Information and Computer Technologies and automation in the oil production industry”, etc. At the conference the leading experts of TatNIPIneft noted the high level of scientific research work of the schoolchildren and rated the best works awarding them diplomas and medals.

The Russian Scientific School Seminar «Academy of the Young» is a program of development and support of research and learning activities of the schoolchildren also implemented with financial support from the Fund. The participants of this program are the children from the south-east of Tatarstan - the winners of the regional conference “Schoolchildren for the Science of the XXIst Century”. Master-classes are conducted by the highly qualified scientists and experts of the Moscow State Technical University (MGTU) named after N.E. Bauman for the following academic and professional fields: mathematics, physics, biology, economics, engineering, engineering technology. In addition to communication, discussion of their scientific work with the scientists, the schoolchildren from Tatarstan become winners of Contests arranged in the framework of the school seminar and have a chance to win a grant of the President of Russia for supporting the talented youth established by the scientific and research agency PNPO “Education”. For example, in 2008 after participation in this program and winning the contest, Alexey Kazakov, a the student of the 9th form of Lyceum No.2, Bugulma, received a prize of the President of the Russian Federation in the amount of 60 thousand rubles.

A zonal school seminar on mathematics for schoolchildren of the South-Eastern Part of Tatarstan held in 2008 is a new program aimed at supporting and developing of talented schoolchildren. J. Rabot, Deputy Director of the Open All-Russia correspondence multi-subject School Lyceum under the Moscow State University (MGU), one of the leading experts of the mathematical branch, a permanent member of the All-Union Mathematical Contest, and L.D. Shlyapochnik, the author of numerous books and textbooks on mathematics for students and teachers were invited early in December to conduct the mentioned school seminar. Talented teachers possessing excellent command of mathematics teaching methods and brilliantly speaking, presented their lectures in such a way that the children were captivated and during 4 days they could themselves independently «discover» mathematical facts, receive an unexpected and elegant theorem proof and solve problems in various fields of mathematics, to feel the beauty and strength of the geometry. In the course of the zonal school seminar operation the students could communicate with teachers face-to-face, and that allowed revealing the subjective experience of talented children, creating an atmosphere of cooperation and allowed each student to show his (or her) initiative, independence, selectivity in the ways of work.

For four years the Talented Children Fund has been cooperating with the public charitable organization International Intelligence Club “Glyuon”, which also sets the task of identification of the intellectually gifted children. Close cooperation and assistance of the Fund allows talented children in the fields of physics, mathematics, ecology and biology to participate each year in the International Test Rating Contest “Intelligent Marathon”. Every year teams from the cities of Almetyevsk and Bugulma, which often include the children from low-income families, thanks to the support of the Fund, are awarded prizes and become diploma holders of the contests. The talented children have the opportunity to study at the International Summer School of Physics and Mathematics, in which the classes are given by scientists and professors of the leading universities of Russia: Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics, Moscow Institute of Electrical Technologies and Moscow State Technical University.

Summer field expeditions are annually arranged with financial support of the Talented Children Fund for the main purpose of consolidating theoretical knowledge of the senior forms pupils and future students, as well as to improve the level of regionalization, i.e., study of local conditions and peculiarities of the environmental management and conservation. The schoolchildren work in mixed groups of pupil-teacher-postgraduate student-scholar”. This kind of interaction has a significant impact on the quality, validity, efficiency and effectiveness of research conducted by students of schools and institutions of additional education. Besides, participation of the schoolchildren in the field expeditions ensures the continuity of environmental education, an opportunity to realize their importance and belonging to the science in large, find the like-minded friends, at the same time it ensures pre-professional training and teaches them to communicate, contributing to the socialization of each participant in the expedition.

A special program and a way of support for talented children is the Gathering of PJSC TATNEFT Prize Winners, which annually brings together talented children, who have showed themselves at conferences or other events arranged by the Fund, or have been encouraged by the Fund for significant advances in the intellectual sphere. The gathering is held in the cities of the oil region and brings together up to 200 students from Almetyevsk, Bugulma, Nizhnekamsk, Leninogorsk, Zainsk, Aznakaevo, Bavly and Sarmanovo.