Retail Business

Sale of oil and gas products through the retail distribution network AZS TATNEFT is one of the fastest growing filling station chains in the Russian Federation.

 AZS TATNEFT’s chain is represented in 24 regions of the Russian Federation, as well as in Belarus and Ukraine. The total number of PJSC TATNEFT’s filling stations totaled 687 as of January 01, 2016, including 562 stations in the Russian Federation, 17 stations in Belarus and 108 in Ukraine.

28 new filling stations and 9 gas terminals were put into operation at the existing stations during 2015 in the territory of the Russian Federation. The main advantage of gas fuel is that it is own high quality raw materials produced by the "Tatneftegazpererabotka" Administration of PJSC TATNEFT. 

2015 witnessed reconstruction of the filling stations with introduction of new interiors and formats at 25 filling stations. It allowed expanding the range of goods and services offered to customers and giving a new impetus to the development of public catering at the filling stations: there were comfortable coffee zones established in the sale floors with development of the project for selling the national Tatar pastry.

The Company plans further development of associated services, expanding   additional services    and customer support programs to improve the quality of service and increase revenue volumes.

 The amount of RUB 4.2 billion was disbursed for the year as part of the investment program of the TATNEFT’s sales and distribution infrastructure development.

  TANECO’s own produced high quality diesel fuel is very popular among car owners. According to the experts and based on the results of the independent expertise, it now corresponds to EURO 6 Class, which is only planned for approval in Europe.

In 2014, participating in the contest under the "Russian quality" program the TANECO’s diesel fuel confirmed compliance with the highest level of quality set by the "Russian Quality" program. In 2015, diesel fuel Euro-5, type III (K5), produced at the JSC TANECO’s refinery, became the winner of the contest "Best Goods of the Republic of Tatarstan" and the winner of the program "100 best goods of Russia".

The high quality of the TANECO’s diesel fuel was also confirmed by the fact that in 2015 according to the successful test results at the 25th State Research Institute of Chemmotology of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defense the diesel fuel grade C, type III, product of JSC TANECO received approval for use in weapons, military and special equipment. In this context, the diesel fuel delivery under the control of the Defense Ministry was organized to the Russian law enforcement agencies.

The services of interaction with customers are classified as a significant tool for improving the competitiveness of the Company. The automated calls control system allows responding on-line to all requests, increasing the level of the retail functions quality control.

The customer portal provides detailed information on the activities of the TATNEFT’s filling stations network and there is a Hotline in operation. A convenient mobile application has been developed that allows the customer getting information about the nearest filling stations, fuel prices and additional services. Representatives of distribution companies maintain communication with customers on the modern and convenient for customers’ communication platforms, as well as through social media activities.

Paying great attention to improving the quality of customer service, expansion of the goods and services range, increase of customers’ loyalty, the Company continues increasing the sales volumes of high-quality motor fuels that meet modern quality and environmental standards, and developing associated services.