HOTLINE is a system for collecting information on abuses, embezzlement, violations of internal regulatory documents and legislation.

HOTLINE allows you to report on known facts or suspicions, indicating:

  • committing embezzlement, fraud, abuse or violation in various activity areas of the TATNEFT Group Companies;
  • non-compliance with procedures regulated by the Code of Corporate Culture and the Company's Anti-Corruption Policy;
  • disclosure and use of confidential information;
  • abuse of office by the Company’s employees;
  • commitment of other law violating acts that may cause damage to the Company or cause damage to the Company’s business reputation.

Principles of the HOTLINE Operation:

  • verification of the information received is performed in the event of each application received;
  • applications, which are not relevant to the HOTLINE objectives shall not be taken into account;
  • verification of the information received shall be carried out in compliance with the principles of objectivity and independence;
  • HOTLINE calls shall be accepted from any persons, including anonymous ones.

Unacceptable Objectives for HOTLINE:

  • communications that that are deliberately misleading, honor and dignity discrediting information, slander, etc;
  • settling of personal scores, personal gaining and personal concerns handling;

To ensure the HOTLINEs more efficient operation it is necessary to take into consideration the recommended application format.

The Company is practicing a policy of monetary remuneration for providing information that has prevented embezzlement and abuse.

To ensure privacy and security of message transmission, use Anonymity Memo.

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