Capitalization management

The Capitalization Management System includes formation and strengthening of internal corporate mechanisms of the capitalization management, which are aimed at ensuring the Company’s performance figures taking into account the risks of external factors impact (macroeconomic, industry branch, financial and other factors).
The principle approach in the development of the PJSC TATNEFT’s capitalization management system is the analysis of the domestic industry branch companies' activities for capitalization management and estimation of the capitalization level interconnection with the dynamics of the performance figures in the production and economic activities.
PJSC TATNEFT’s Capitalization management is carried out in accordance with the Program of increasing the efficiency of the production management and strengthening of the financial and economic status of PJSC TATNEFT. Planning and analysis of the corporate capitalization factors are provided by the Standard "Scenario planning system of financial and economic activities for a three year period", approved by the Management Board of PJSC TATNEFT.
Informational and analytical support for the Company’s activities is carried out by the United Informational and Analytical Centre of the TATNEFT Group. The inherent part of the capitalization management system is the work with the Internet Portal of the TATNEFT Group. The integrated Company’s web-site has been operating in the Russian and English versions since 2009. The work has been carried out for a number of the Company's subsidiaries with regard to adjustment and adaptation of the sub-portals' software platform taking into consideration informational, stylistic and processing compatibility with the Internet Portal of the Company.