Environmental Performance Results Achieved

Environmental Performance Results Achieved

Targeted implementation of the PJSC TATNEFT’s environmental measures and technologies has ensured significant reduction of both the man-induced impact on the environment and the consumption of primary resources.

As a result of the air protection measures the total emissions of pollutants into the air from the Company's stationary sources have decreased by 1.6 times for the last 20 years.

Implementation of the hydrocarbon vapor recovery technology has allowed reducing carbon emissions by 3.5 times in comparison with 1991. Currently, the number of operating vapor recovery units at the facilities of PJSC TATNEFT amounts to 44.

All the emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere from the Company’s stationary sources are within the standard specified maximum permissible limits.

According to the laboratory test results the water quality in the main rivers in the areas of the Company activities is stable. Thanks to the implementation of large-scale environmental measures the content of chlorides, oil and petroleum products in the dissolved and emulsified condition in the rivers and in the overwhelming majority of springs does not exceed the approved maximum permissible concentrations of harmful substances in the waters of fishery water bodies and sanitary standards of maximum permissible concentration (MPC). Their concentrations in the groundwater are constantly decreasing at present.

The Company has been working on a permanent basis on the reduction and recycling of the wastes generated during the crude oil production process through recycling, reuse and disposal.