Recent history  (1990 - 2011)

Recent history (1990 - 2011)

1992. Start of implementation of one of the largest and most essential EEC contracts – the unique diagnostic center built based on the project of the world-famous American surgeon Dr. Michael Debakey.

February 1994. Tatarstan and Russia signed a treaty on delimitation of the spheres of interest and mutual delegating of powers. Interests of Tatarstan and Russia related to the oil production were defined by special agreements.

1994. «Tatneft» Amalgamation was reorganized into a joint stock company.

1995. TATNEFT stabilized its level of oil production. It was the first time since 1966 when the increase of oil reserves exceeded annual output in the Republic. Kichuy Refinery of estimated power 400,000 tons of oil per year was constructed.

1994-1996. TATNEFT got several awards of international financial institutes, funds and academies.

December 1996 – March 1998.
JSC TATNEFT became a pioneer among the Russian oil companies Russia in the introduction of its shares into the world markets of long-term capital.

1998. 50 years since the beginning of Romashkinskoye field development. By the decision of JSC TATNEFT Board of Directors the construction of Nizhnekamsk Refinery was considered to be a strategic line of activity of the Company.

The end of the XX century. JSC TATNEFT was forming as a vertically integrated holding company. It bought considerable blocks of shares of petrochemical enterprises of Tatarstan. The Nizhnekamsk Refinery and a network of filling petrol stations were constructed quickly. TATNEFT came out into oil markets of several countries, showing its technical and technological power, and used opportunities to increase its reserves and production enhancement activity.

JSC TATNEFT gets into contacts with officials of the oil companies of Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Mongolia, Jordan, China, Egypt, and Italy. The Kalmtatneft Joint Venture was founded in Kalmykia for exploration and development of oil fields. The volumes of exploration and production drilling increased almost twofold.

2000. The fiftieth anniversary of JSC TATNEFT foundation. The 2,700,000,000th ton of oil was produces from the fields of the Republic of Tatarstan. The TATNEFT Youth organization was established.

2001. TATNEFT participated in the IVth International Show of Industrial Property «Archimedes» in Moscow (three golden and one silver medals). The 500-millionth ton of oil was produced by NGDU "Jalilneft". TATNEFT was acknowledged as the best exporter of Russia in 2000. Mountaineers from Almetyevsk city hoisted TATNEFT flag on Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe.

2002. The base complex of the Nizhnekamsk Refinery was put into operation.

The Company broke the record in production and sales of Nizhnekamsk tires. In October JSC «Nizhnekamskshina» produced 1,013,000 tires per month for the first time during the last ten years.

The same number of tires was sold by KAMA Trade Firm by the results of the month.

The management structure of TATNEFT was optimized with establishment of gas TatNefteGazpererabotka Department) as well as a petrochemical TatNeft – NefteKhim) sections.

TATNEFT participated in financing the construction of a bridge across the Kama River.

TATNEFT's victory in All-Russia Contest “1000 best Companies of Russia”.

2003. The year witnessed TATNEFT's reconstructing and building new social facilities in the city of Almetyevsk at unprecedented pace: a horse racetrack, Maidan, a cascade of ponds, an ambulance station, a fluorography facility, a boarding school, schools No.10 and No. 16, medical treatment facilities for children.

Celebrations held on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Tatarstan oil and the 50th anniversary of the city of Almetyevsk.

Participation in the last pre-war Iraqi exhibition in Baghdad "Iraq Oil Show-2003", the International "Oil and Gas-2003" Exhibition in Moscow, in the Vth International Conference of the Oil and Gas Chemistry.

Тhe VIIth All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Geoinformatics in the Oil and Gas Industry was held at the premises of TatNIPIneft Research and design Institute in November. The IVth Conference of the Young Workers of JSC TATNEFT was held in December.

Preferred shares of JSC TATNEFT were included into the Listing of 'A2' Category of the RTS trading system. International rating agency Fitch raised the rating of TATNEFT liabilities from 'B-' to 'B'. The Standard & Poor's Agency raised the credit rating of the Company.

The 30th anniversary of JSC Nizhnekamskshina, the largest enterprise of OOO Tatneft-Neftekhim. Nizhnekamskshina was acknowledged to be the most dynamically developing exporter in Russia in 2002. Five models of JSC Nizhnekamskshina were awarded golden, silver and bronze medals at the VIth International specialized exhibition.

Year 2004. The year of awards. Six awards were presented to the specialists of TATNEFT at the "Engineer of the Year" Contest. The Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Administration of Kazan awarded Tatneft with Diploma "For contributions into the development of domestic tourism" based on the results of the "Tourism. Recreation. Sports-2004" Exhibition. "Neftyanik Tatarstana (Oilman of Tatarstan) newspaper won the prestigious all-Russian journalists' contest of "PE-GAS-2003", and it was acknowledged as the best regional corporate newspaper at the all-Russian Forum of the corporate media. Following the decision of the Supreme Council of the «Russian Brand» the golden Sign of Quality was awarded to the network of gas filling stations operated by ZAO Tatneft-Moscow. In August Tatneft was awarded a Diploma of the "Best exporter of the Republic of Tatarstan", as well as the 1st place Diploma for the best arrangement of invention, rationalization and patent/licensing activity among industrial enterprises.

A new company was established In Tatarstan: TATNEFT, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Svyazinvestneftekhim and the South Korean LG Company established OAO Tatar-Korean Petrochemical Company (TKNK). Extensive activities were launched in the social sphere. OAO Aznakay Kiemnere Branch was open in Shugurovo to address the problems of unemployment. Gifted Children Foundation was established in March. Tatneft started operation of the European standard ski mountaineering base in December.

Year 2005. TATNEFT is in the first dozen of 50 leading companies Russia. The 2005 Russia 50 rating was arranged based on the standards of the famous Fortune 500 list and it was published for the first time in the «Big Business» magazine. TATNEFT was named the «Best Company in the area of invention, rationalization and patent/licensing» by the results of the annual contest for the arrangement of inventive, rationalization and patent/licensing activity.

The idea of the multilateral wells drilling has been implemented. The wellbores in well No. 8249 branch horizontally by the azimuth as well as by the productive layers of the pay thickness providing for improved coverage of productive horizons. OOO Tatneft-Burenye (Drilling) drilled on its own for the first well with application of the underbalanced drilling technology. The same year TATNEFT drilled the first wildcat in Orenburg District. NGDU Dzhalilneft completed drilling of downhole branched splitters in deposit No.12.
A new Department for Geological Exploration and Development of Hydrocarbons in the New Territories was established. ZAO Nizhnekamsk Refinery was established.
TATNEFT and Sibneft won the battle: controlling stake in the Moscow Oil Refinery was transferred to the alliance the two companies.

Year 2006. NGDU Aznakaevskneft acquired a new leader - Razif Galimov. OOO Tatneft-Energoservis celebrated its 15th anniversary. NGDU Almetyevneft introduced the technology of co-mingled injection.

TATNEFT began cooperation with AvtoVAZ in such areas as supply of Tatneft petrochemical complex products to AvtoVAZ, namely, synthetic motor oils and high-quality motor gasoline, as well as KAMA EURO tires manufactured under European technologies by the Nizhnekamsk tire factory controlled by TATNEFT.

Drillers of TATNEFT drilled a unique U-shaped horizontal through well exiting to the surface at Ashalchinskoe bituminous field with application of a conventional drilling rig BU-75 in May.

JSC TATNEFT received compliance certificates with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999 in August.

Initial 100 tons of bituminous oil produced.

Tatneft sale of technology earnings exceeded one billion rubles for the first time.

2007. Production of bituminous oil from the Ashalchinskoye natural bitumen field with the application of SAGD technology by TATNEFT Company exceeded 1000 tons in the first days of 2007.

A large-scale celebration of production of the 3rd billion ton of Tatar oil was held in Almetyevsk.

JSC Nizhnekamskshina reached a record-breaking production level: the three hundred millionth «Kama» tire came off the conveyor belt on July, 22.

The Company has won many awards. TATNEFT became a winner of the VIth All-Russia contest "Russian organization of high social efficiency" in nomination "Wages and welfare payments". It was for the forth time that TATNEFT Company was awarded the title "Best enterprise on invention and rationalization in the Republic of Tatarstan" in 2006.

The General Director of JSC TATNEFT Shafagat Tahautdinov became a winner of the premium «Golden ROSING-2006», awarded annually for outstanding service in the development of the Russian oil and gas industry. In March «Tatneft» became a laureate of the All-Russia Contest «100 best organizations of Russia. Ecology and ecological management », and it was awarded a diploma and a golden medal of "European quality".

Ak Bars hockey team ranking No.1 in the Russian Superleague Championship crushed HPK Finnish team scoring 6:0 in the final game in St. Petersburg.

In August the team of mountaineering oilmen ascended Mont Blanc (4,810 m), the highest peak in Western Europe.

2008. The program came into effect to improve the efficiency of production management and strengthening the financial and economic condition of JSC TATNEFT for the period to 2015.

Non-core activities were withdrawn from JSC TATNEFT, management of oil service companies was efficiently reorganized and the institution of management companies was formed by the activity segments as part of the Compamy’s restructuring.

JSC TATNEFT was included into the Platts Top 250 global rating of the most effective energy companies.

JSC TATNEFT and GK "Turkmenneft" signed a protocol on cooperation in the oil and gas industry in the territory of Turkmenistan. The Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Government of the Samara region and JSC TATNEFT.

The corner stone was laid into the foundation of the plant for the production glass fiber and glass fiber based products at the "Alabuga" free economic zone (SEZ).

2009. JSC TATNEFT reaffirmed the highest environmental rating becoming the third year consecutive winner of one of the the most prestigious environmental contests in the country "One hundred best companies in Russia. Ecology and Environmental Management". The contest highest award - badge of honor "Environmentalist of the Year" was conferred to Sh.F. Takhautdinov, General Director of the Company.

A unique "DRECO 2000" slant rig started operation at Ashalchinskoye field. Nizhnekamsk Solid Steel Cord Tires factory was commissioned in October. The first commissioning stage of the the plant for the production of glass fiber and glass fiber based products at the "Alabuga" free economic zone (SEZ) was completed.

The construction of the oil refining and petrochemical plants complex in Nizhnekamsk was continued. More than 100 million rubles were daily assimilated at the construction site. Laying of a trunk oil pipeline from "Kaleykino" pumping station to the refinery under construction was completed. The work has started on the reconstuction of the "Nizhnekamsk - Almetyevsk - Kstovo" main product pipeline.

Hockey club "Ak Bars" was a three-time champion of Russia and the first winner of the Gagarin Cup. JSC TATNEFT received an encouraging Letter of thanks of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan for the worthy contribution to the development of physical culture and sports in the Republic of Tatarstan and the winning of the hockey club "Ak Bars" team in the Russian Championshp of 2008-2009 season.
Revaluation of probablehydrocarbo reserves in Tatarstan resulted in the stock volume reaching 1.47 billion tons with the increase amounting to about 0.5 billion tons.

2010. TATNEFT received the trademark "Leader-2010" of the "Archimedes-2010" International Salon of Industrial Property. The Company was awarded the Grand Prix for the best exhibit in the nomination "Enhanced oil recovery” at the International Specialized Exhibition "Oil. Gas/Petrochemistry - 2010". TATNEFT was awarded a Diploma "Pride of Tatarstan" for implementing the project of the plant for the production of glass fiber and glass fiber based products. Sh.F. Takhautdinov, General Director of JSC TATNEFT was awarded the honorary sign "Best leader in environmental and industrial safety" of the All-Russian contest "100 Best Companies of Russia. Ecology and Environmental Management".

In 2010, for the first time in its history, TATNEFT has started commercial oil production abroad - in Syria. The Company produced the first million tons of oil from the licensed fields outside the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation since the beginning of their development.

A significant event was test products obtaining in the mode of comprehensive testing the Refining and Petrochemical Plants Complex in Nizhnekamsk.

2010 witnessed the construction completion of the dry stripped gas deep processing installation, which allowed increasing the level of extracting the ethane fraction from associated petroleum gas. Serial production of new truck tires under the Continental technology was started at the Solid Steel Cord Tires factory in Nizhnekamsk. A significant step was the start of a new business: generation of heat and electricity. An electronic marketplace for purchasing material and technical resources was put into operation. The "Intelligent field" project was implemented within the area of one oil field being a testing ground for the advanced technological solutions at all stages of the production process. The German-Russian joint venture for the production of glass fiber started operaton at the territory of the "Alabuga" special economic zone, which provided jobs for more than 400 persons. Implementation of a new ten-year "Resource saving" program was started at TATNEFT.

2011. TATNEFT won eight gold, three silver and three bronze medals, the Cup and Diploma "For the high level of invention in the Republic of Tatarstan" at the XIVth "Archimedes-2011" Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies.

JSC TATNEFT was acknowleged a leader in environmental transparency among the enterprises of the Russian Federation in the field of oil production in the rating survey arranged by the international group and was awarded an honorary diploma "Environmental Leader in Russia 2011". According to the "Leaders of the Economy-2011” rating results JSC TATNEFT was ranking the 4th among domestic companies engaged in crude oil and associated gas production.

In February 2011, the Company opened a branch office in Turkmenistan to provide services aimed at improving oil recovery from the existing well stock and further use of the crude oil potential at Goturdepe field.

The first 100 tons of extra-viscous oil were produced at Ashalchinskoye field in November. The first construction phase of the JSC TANECO Refining and Petrochemical Plants Complex was completed. The first phase of the JSC TANECO refinery complex was commissioned.