Key Figures

Operating results

 Expansion and replenishment of the resource base 
1.1Volume of proved reserves970.9 million tonnes o.e.
 Ramping up of oil and gas production 
2.1Total volume of oil production29.5 million tonnes
2.2Total volume of gas production1009 million cubic meters
 Consolidation of in-house oil and gas processing 
of oil products
8.9 million tonnes
3.2Production of gas products1.2 million tonnes
3.3TANECO refinery yield99.00%
3.4Light oil products yield83.64%
 Effectiveness of retail business 
4.1Retail and distribution network711 filling stations
4.2Volume of sales through retail trade network3.455 million tonnes
 In-house generating capacities 
5.1  Generation of electricity1.2 billion kw-h
5.2  Generation of thermal energy4.384 million gcal
 Growth of the yield of the petrochemical unit 
6.1Sale of tires13.6 million tires
6.2Sale of carbon black133,4 tonnes
 Balanced sale of oil and oil products 
7.1Sale of crude naphtha20.341 million tonnes
7.2Sale of oil products11.35 million tonnes

Data from the annual report of the Company for 2018.